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Interior Care

$125 plus tax

Basic Interior

Package includes

  • Interior vacuum (carpet, mats, seats, trunk)

  • Floor mats removed & cleaned

  • All surfaces cleaned

  • Upholstery or leather clean

  • Interior window clean

Package upgrades

Add these services on the booking form after clicking Book Now below

  • Exterior wash, wheels, windows ($60)

  • Plastic & leather conditioning ($30)

  • Upholstery steam clean ($35)

  • Dog hair removal ($35)

Family Package

$230 plus tax

7 seaters (SUVs or Vans), child car seat cleaning


Package includes

  • Interior Care (see package description)

  • Upholstery steam clean (deep stains)

  • Child seat clean

  • Exterior wash

  • Exterior window clean

  • Wheel and tire detail

Package upgrades 

add these services on the booking form after clicking Book Now below

  • Plastic and leather conditioning ($30)

  • Dog hair removal ($35)

Platinum Interior

$175 plus tax

Interior detail + plastic conditioning

+ upholstery steam cleaning or leather care

Package includes

  • Interior Care (see package description)

  • Plastic conditioning 

  • Leather conditioning

  • Upholstery steam cleaning

Package upgrades

Add these services on the booking form after clicking Book Now below

  • Exterior wash, wheels, windows ($60)

  • Dog hair removal ($35)

Platinum Package

$275 plus tax

A full interior and exterior detail + wax

Package includes

  • Platinum Interior (see Platinum Interior as listed above)

  • Full exterior wash (two bucket)

  • Exterior hand wax application

  • Tire, rim, wheel well detail

  • Exterior window clean


Package upgrades 

add these services on the booking form after clicking Book Now below

  • Light clay bar decontamination ($40)

  • Heavy clay bar decontamination ($60)

  • Engine detail ($25)

Exterior Wash & Wax

$125 plus tax

  • Full exterior wash (two bucket method)

  • Wheel, tire, and window cleaning

  • Exterior hand wax application

Multiple Vehicle Service

10% discount on same-day services

  • Discount applicable to all packages except for the Interior Care Package

  • What is your service area?
    Our service area is about 35 minutes from downtown Halifax and Charlottetown. If you aren't sure if we service your area, just send us a message!
  • What is the difference between an Interior Care and Platinum Interior?
    The Platinum Interior additionally includes a protective dressing (with a light shine) of all plastics and a steam cleaning of carpet and upholstery (or leather conditioning if you have leather seats).
  • How do I tell if I need to add steam cleaning to my service?
    Deeper stains that have dried and been embedded in the upholstery for some time (as below) will require a steam cleaning. The steam cleaning is included in our Platinum Interior ($175) or can be added on to our Interior Care package.
  • How much is it to add an exterior wash?
    An exterior wash can be added on to either of our interior packages (Interior Care and Platinum Interior) for $50. There is an option to add-on when you go in to make the booking.
  • Can you do both of my cars at once?
    Yes, we can do both vehicles at once. You will see an option to book a Multiple Vehicle Service above. We offer a 10% discount for all of our packages except for the Interior Care.
  • Do you need access to my power or water?
    No, we do not. All of the equipment including power and water is in our truck
  • How do I pay for my service?
    It's super easy! An invoice will be sent to your email or your cell phone number directly after the service is complete. It's the big pay now button and you can use debit, credit, or Google pay! We use Square as a payment provider If you would like top use an alternative payment method, please just let us know!
  • Do you service parking garages?
    Yes, we do. There is an option to select where we will be providing the service once in the booking system. Just select parking garage. If there is any additional info, it can be left in the "notes" section of the booking.
  • Do you charge more for a larger vehicle?
    We do charge $15 extra for vehicles with more than 5 seats. Besides that, there are no hidden charges for vehicle size.
  • What is clay bar decontamination and do I need it?
    A clay bar decontamination will remove contaminants on your paint that can not be removed through the washing process. This may include brake dust, road tar, road paint, small rust spots, or other debris. You may need a clay bar treatment if the surface of your paint is rough to the touch or if there is visible discolouration behind the front and rear wheel well.

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