What is Vroomcrew?

First things first, we see ourselves as more than a car detailing company. We want to delight our customers by bringing professional and high quality car services to their home or their workplace! We are bringing innovation to this space by taking a pre-existing service, and making more convenient and dramatically improving the overall customer experience. How are we doing this? Soon, Vroomcrew customers will be able to book, receive notifications, rate and pay for services directly from their smartphone.

About Us

It all began  through a discussion/rant about a dirty car. Augusto complaining to his wife and classmates about the inside of his vehicle being a mess. Having a newborn baby takes priority over the dirty car! Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone just came to my house and cleaned this for me? This got our gears spinning, and over the next week we had begun to search for companies providing these services. There were some, but none of them had a brand that truly got us excited. This lead us to having a discussion about building our own mobile car care business, and here we are today!

We really admire great brands like 1-800 Got Junk, Shack Shine, Pop-A-Lock, the list goes on and on. Our goal: bring this level of customer service, professionalism, and convenience to car care services!

Our Vision
We see big changes happening in the way services are delivered to YOU, the customer. First of all, we all want convenience. Why would we waste time on certain tasks, especially when we could be focused on our priorities in life.

We want to be a part of the changes that are happening and will continue to happen in the auto industry over the next several decades. From electric to autonomous vehicles we want to be a part of this revolution. We are committed to focusing on being environmentally sustainable. We are committed and see it as one of our core missions to reduce water usage through our environmentally friendly waterless products. This is something we will continue to focus on as we grow as a business!

Meet The Team

Quinton Gorman

Founder, CEO

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Quinton has a passion for cars and high quality car care. Is adamant about the value of providing the best service to every Vroom Crew customer; going the extra mile to leave them with a smile on their face. 

After finishing up his B.B.A from the University of Prince Edward Island, Quinton moved to Halifax to pursue a Master's degree at Saint Mary's University. 

What started as a passion project with a fellow classmate has now become a fast growing small business. Keep your eyes out for what Vroom Crew will do next! Are you ready to #jointhecrew ?

Alejandro Sanchez-Avila

Operations Manager

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Alejandro Sanchez is a Master's student at Saint Mary's University. He was born in Mexico and moved to Toronto, Ontario at the age of 14, but he has called Halifax home for the last four years.


Alongside academics, Alejandro has a wide range of experience competing in business case competitions, a passion for venture capital, finance, as well as being an active member of different societies such as Venture Grade. Alejandro will be acting as Venture Grade's General Partner for this academic year! Outside of his studies, Alejandro is passionate about community involvement both at the professional level and volunteer level.

Hannah Temple

Digital Marketing

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Hannah is an undergraduate business student at the University of Ottawa. She has a passion for social innovation and sustainability and is very involved in her community. Hannah is currently the Co-President of the Women in Management Network, an organization that supports gender equality in business. She hopes to continue to mentor and empower young women post-graduation. Furthermore, Hannah is an avid sports fan, and earned a national bronze medal while playing on the varsity basketball team at uOttawa.

Brad Chabassol

Service Manager

On one the first few days of training, we asked Brad what his dream car was. He responded, saying, "a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda." From that response, I knew Brad was a car guy through and through!

Brad is passionate and experienced in the auto industry, having been working on his own cars for years. His knowledge of the industry and passion for customer service make him a great fit to lead the way for the detailing technician team at Vroom Crew. Brad has always said that his ultimate goal is to bring delight to every customer, the smile at the end of the service is just a bonus. 

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