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Interior Care

$105 plus tax

Interior only


Package includes

  • Vacuum, dashboard clean, and dressing

  • Upholstery, carpet, floor mat vacuum

  • Upholstery shampoo or leather clean

  • Interior window cleaning

Optional (add on our booking page)

  • Plastic and vinyl dressing ($15)

  • Upholstery steam clean ($25)

  • Dog hair removal ($29)

Family Package

$209 plus tax

Full detail for 7 seater vehicles, Vans, or SUVs

Package includes

  • Interior Care (see package description)

  • Upholstery steam clean (deep stains)

  • Child car seat removal and clean

  • Exterior wash

  • Exterior window clean

  • Tire and rim detail

Optional (add at booking page)

  • Plastic and vinyl dressing ($15)

  • Leather conditioning ($15)

Fall Fix

$155 plus tax

Interior detail + stain treat & steam clean


Package includes

  • Full Interior Care Package

  • Plastic and vinyl dressing

  • Stain treatment on carpets and upholstery

  • Steam clean on carpets and upholstery

  • Red dirt and sand removal from floor mats and carpets

Optional (add on our booking page)

  • Exterior Wash ($35)

  • Dog hair removal ($25)


$235 plus tax

Interior Detail + Wash & Wax

Package includes

  • Interior Care (see package description)

  • Upholstery detail or leather conditioning

  • Full exterior wash (two bucket)

  • Exterior hand wax application

  • Exterior window clean

  • Tire, rim, wheel well detail

Optional (add at booking page)

  • Clay Bar decontamination ($25)

  • Add engine detail ($25)

  • Wheel wax coating ($20) 

Exterior Wash & Wax

$119 plus tax

  • Full exterior wash 

  • Exterior hand wax application

  • Wheel and tire detail

Multiple Vehicle Service

10% discount on same day services

  • Applies to Family and Platinum Packages


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