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Most Sustainable Cars of 2021

With the release of a multitude of electric vehicles in 2021, it is clear that the future of the auto industry lies in electric vehicles (EVs). As more automakers develop EVs, they are becoming increasingly affordable and practical for the average person and family. Not only

are EVs better for the environment, they are often more cost efficient than gasoline

powered vehicles.

GreenerCars ratings issued by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) measure the environmental impact of vehicles, taking into account fuel economy, emissions, and air pollution. Vehicles are rated on a scale of 0-100, with a higher score indicating a higher level of environmental friendliness.

These are the top 5 “greenest” vehicles of 2021:

5. Nissan Leaf EV

Green Score: 68

Price: Starting at $44,298

Range: 240km with a standard battery, up to 363km with an extended range battery

Perfect for: Families

Why you want this car: Not only is the vehicle suitable for daily commuting, but also for weekend road trips. The Nissan Leaf can take you from Halifax to the Bay of Fundy National Park, just on a single charge! Additionally, new technology will allow users to control features such as air conditioning and battery charging from their mobile phones or apple watches, offering great convenience for busy families.

4. BMW i3s EV

Green Score: 68

Price: Starting at $44,950

Range: 172km in everyday use

Perfect for: Families

Why you want this car: The BMW i3s EV is both sporty and functional, perfect for those looking for a family friendly car that is also fun to drive. The BMW i3s has a low center of gravity and a powerful electric engine, which allows the car to accelerate from 0km to 100km/hr in just 6.9 seconds. It’s sporty exterior is offset by a spacious interior that comfortably seats a family. It also features Amazon’s “Alexa” technology, allowing users to integrate their other devices for maximum utility.

3. Toyota Prius Prime PHEV

Green Score: 68

Price: Starting at $33,550

Range: Combined electric/hybrid driving range of 1,035km

Perfect for: Frequent travellers

Why you want this car: The Toyota Prius Prime is a reliable plug-in hybrid/electric vehicle with the highest total driving range and one of the shortest charging times in its class. It’s main sources of power are a battery and an electric motor, but it can also use gasoline power when required. This makes it a great option for people who regularly drive long distances or have range anxiety. It’s also the most affordable vehicle on this list!

2. MINI Cooper SE Hardtop EV

Green Score: 70

Price: Staring at $40,990

Range: 183km

Perfect for: Environmentally conscious singles or couples

Why you want this car: The MINI, while not the most comfortable choice for families, is a great car for fun, young (or young at heart) singles or couples. The vehicle’s agility and quick acceleration make it a very enjoyable car to both drive and ride in. The federal government also offers up to $5000 in eligible tax credits on the vehicle.

1. Hyundai Ioniq Electric EV

Green Score: 70

Price: Starting at $41,599

Range: 274km

Perfect for: Families

Why you want this car: The Hyundai Ioniq Electric is an extremely versatile all-electric car. The elegant design provides a luxurious feel at a reasonable price. Hyundai has partnered with ChargeHub to ensure that charging can be completed with ease at home, at work or at public charging stations, so you never have to stress over charging. The vehicle also leverages technology to create an effortlessly convenient user experience. You can use your mobile device to start the car, lock doors, and control air conditioning remotely.

These releases, along with the many other environmentally conscious vehicles released in 2021, provide a glimpse into the future of more sustainable auto making. General Motors is planning to release 20 fully electric vehicles by 2023, Hyundai has promised to deliver 23 EV models by 2025, and Jeep will provide an electric option for each of its vehicle models by next year. Electric options for affordable, family sized SUVs and trucks are quickly becoming more prevalent. The future is exciting - and it’s certainly electric!

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